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Welcome to the  Angels' Heart National School

Angels’ Heart National School is one of the progressive model schools in Kathmandu valley which is launching pedagogical movement into academic sector. Also, it is practical based school where pupils groom their skills through various activities. Our motto is “Let me do myself’’ so that we emphasize on learning by doing method rather than confining in limited ideas of text book only. The major focus is to stimulate pupils through a broader curriculum i.e. well equipped laboratory use, IT friendly smart class-rooms, regular yoga, meditation and ECA and CCA activities. We prioritize project based instructional activities by maintaining individual portfolio that strives to be responsible and ethical global citizens. 

Notice Board

Oneline Routine for pre-primary & primary

New routine has been updated for pre-primary & primary classes. Guardians are requested to follow the given below routine

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Our Facilities

Classroom Facilities

Classroom Facilities The quality of education depends on school facilities. It’s the process of students learning. That’s why Classroom as a facility is one of key measures of quality of any educational system. Our classrooms provide opportunities for a quality education for our students. Our class room is designed for small children. Classrooms are not teacher centered but child centered. This allows students to develop their leader-ship skills and independ

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We encourage our students to engage in multiculturalism and multiple intelligences so we are managing event based activities that give respect to every flowering culture of society. To give deep inner feeling we manage regular yoga/meditation session in well equipped hall. We motivate to do perfect hands on project by maintaining individual portfolio and regular lab room. Besides that we are conducting community visit, field trip, educational excursion, educational exhibition, carnival festival, ECA and CCA club, etc which can give real exposure to the pupils. That helps to be responsible and ethical global citizen.

Extra-curricular activities refer out of designated course (curriculum) activities even though it i

Student Development: A Personal Reflection

Students must be partners in their own learning. It is our mission to attend to the whole person in supporting student development and lifelong success. Our goal is to discover the most important skills that students need to be successful.   We believe that we do so by helping student develop the skills that they will need to succeed in a future filled with uncertainty.

Here are some simple and effective ways to help students developing their own skills.

  • Our mission for students is, “Let me do myself” or “I can do it too”. These are th

We all want to see our children going towards success, which is only possible through good and proper education. All parents tell their children about the importance of education and the benefits of education in life since childhood, so that they can focus their attention toward better education in the future. School education plays a great role in everyone's life. Proper education builds many paths to advance in the future. Education is equally important for both men and women, because both of them together form a healthy and educated society. Good education provides many objectives in life; Promote personal progress, promote social status, improve social health, economic progress, national success, set goals in life, make us aware of social issues,

We are social human being and cannot live alone; anybody needs someone to share their sorrows, feelings and emotions. It’s called a good friend. Despite having very important things in life, friendship is a very valuable relationship in the life of a person. Good friends share each other's feelings and emotions that bring a sense of well-being and mental satisfaction. Friendship is a dedicated feeling of love, so that we can share anything about our life and always take care of each other. A friend is someone who understands and appreciates others without any hesitation. True friends are never greedy for one another; they want to give each other something better in their life. There is no wall or age discrimination, race, religion or sex between frie

In today’s environment, many people are suffering from the stress and anxiety of day to day living and are finding themselves unable to cope with life’s little emergencies. The aim of Yoga is not really to unite us with anything for we are already united. It is to help us realize our identity with the Divine Self, to make us know and tune into our intrinsic nature.

What is Yoga and Meditation?

The word "Yoga" came from the Sanskrit word "Yuj"


Our Salient Features

  • Technology Enabled Classrooms.
  • Experienced and Qualified Teachers.
  • Nepalese Culture and Values.
  • Modern World Class Infrastructure.
  • Lessons of grace and courtesy.
  • Spontaneous concentration.
  • IT friendly smart class-rooms.
  • Respect for the Children.
  • Experienced Management Team.
  • Staff to Student ratio of 1:20.
  • Modern Teaching Curriculum.
  • Fully Secured zone.

Feedback Form

If you have a suggestion or any feedback for us, we’d love to hear it.