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Em Gurung

Ms. Em Kumari Gurung(Rana)

Introducing the concept of “Let me do myself”, we are trying to move one step ahead towards making our children independent. We are trying to motivate our students to be a critical thinker, a good analyzer and more important to be a productive citizen of this ever changing global- society.

An independent child can find his/her talent, skill and abilities by themselves. It is very much essential for every individual child to confront their several issues by themselves where a teacher will be just a facilitator. Our school has also introduced the concept of ‘Guided Reading which is the best way to motivate our students in order to set up the culture of reading books. The school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to develop strong values with the combination of academic and non-academic activities in the children. To make every individual student independent school is providing various extracurricular activities like yoga class, karate class, art class, craft class, music class, dance class, cricket, football and much more.

With the confidence of not only the academic part rather the non- academic activities will also help these children’s to set up their goal and moreover, allow them to be more specific about their future goal. Thus, we are much awaited to see their goals into reality. Along with these extra activities the school major thrust is with academic activities. The school is fully devoted to groom the students for the challenges of today and to encourage them to face the challenges of tomorrow by providing them practical based education.

At last but not the least the most important people in moulding the future of children are their parents. The consistent support of our guardians empowers us to do more and more. Moreover, the critical analyze of our guardian helps us to grow positively and more effectively. Therefore, I would like to pay my gratitude towards them for their faith in us.

I am confident that the Angels’ Heart National School will make themselves stronger day by day by adding every New Year a new leaf to the garden of the school.

Thanking You.