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Tak B Thapa

Mr. Tak Bahadur Thapa

Dear parents, Staffs, Students, Readers, Community members and well–wishers of Angels' Heart National School!

It is our great pleasure to pick as much of the range of school activities as possible to exhibit the hidden beauty, skills, creative activities, emotional growth and cognition with which our students are blessed. The purpose of Website is to capture and record the multitude of activities, performance and events of the students. I hope, it will be a milestone in the history of Angels’ missions.

We recognize that all students are differently talented with the support of parents and community. Students develop positive attitudes and relish the opportunity, to explore their individual potential to the full. Learning at AHNS is highly student centered, engaging, inquiring and focusing on project based activities through a broad range of facilitating hands-on experiences. We prepare students to be confident, optimistic, compassionate and ready to find their niche. ANHS ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes life-skill-based learning opportunity. We firmly believe education should be for sustainable development of society. Our ICT teaching modality is designed to strengthen education system, knowledge dissemination, information access, quality and effective learning. To achieve these objectives, we have been running smart classes. Our main theme is ‘’let me do myself’ that reflects in their behavior.

We focus on holistic development of students. So, our academic framework consists of hygienic food, Yoga, Meditation, Sports and practical learning. Nowadays, food is detrimental to child’s health. To solve this issue, we are adopting hygienic lunch system in our school to develop good food manner by consulting dietician to support the adage ‘’sound mind in a sound body’’. Physical fitness and mental wellness is another concern to the parents. It is only possible by regular yoga and meditation. Realizing on that point we are conducting regular yoga and meditation classes for the students under the guidance of experienced Yoga Guru. Our big play ground equipped with adequate sports facilities is one of its kind and wide range of activities under the guidance of experienced instructors. Physical fitness and mind concentration is a bottom line of academic excellence. Thirdly, education is a life- long learning process. Education is not only knowledge but also skills, values, creativity and culture. The mind, brain and education is the guiding principle of our academic activities. Also we emphasize on informal, incidental, experiential learning into our formal teaching / learning activities and equally emphasize on value based education. Students, in this way are prepared themselves for their future. Shaping minds through practical and value based learning and making them academically competent and healthy citizen is our prime Goal to meet the rapid global change.

Thank you.