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Lockdown and Online Classes

Posted on : 22 May 2020

“To be very honest, I have never thought that one day I will face such kind of situation (lockdown) in my life”. 
I take this situation in a very positive way as this situation allows us to make our education system more digitalized. The concept of teaching our students through online class has been taught by this lockdown. Frankly speaking, I had never thought that one day I will teach my students in an online class. 
I feel lucky that I am working with an institution that is strong enough to adapt and accept such type of online classes. The support from the Guardians for such online classes is incredible. The guardians are very keen to adopt such online classes during the current situation and the support from them is appreciable.
Every good or bad situation teaches us some lessons. This online class has challenged us to think about the education system we have in our country. Therefore, let's take this lockdown in a positive way and try to make these online classes more systematic in a modernized way. 
“Make our lockdown fruitful and keep ourselves healthy” 

Em Kumari Gurung (Rana)