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Mr. Tak Bahadur Thapa

Tak Thapa

         Recognize that all students are differently talented within our exceptionally supportive community. Students develop positive attitudes and     relish the opportunity, to expose. Their individual potential to the full. Learning at Angels’ Heart National School is highly students centered,   engaging, inquiry and project based activities through a broad range of experiences. Students become confident optimistic, compassionate and   internationally minded young adults ready to find their place in the world. Angels Heart National School ensures inclusive and equitable quality   education and promotes lifelong learning opportunity for all pupils. Likewise our education for sustainable development of society and ethical   global citizens as well as social responsibilities is ethical frame work that entity up on group or individual responsibilities. Beside that adopting ICT it is harnessed to strengthen education system, knowledge dissemination, information access, quality and effective learning, and more effective service provision so we have managed smart class.  Our main theme is ‘’let me do myself’ that reflects learning by doing. 

Thank you.